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Twitterとサイトとの連携をする時に、使えそうなTwitter Blenderの設定方法についてメモ。










For each user show a maximum of

 tweet(s) within

these users, words or hashtags: You can use single keywords, usernames, or phrases. Do not use @ for screen names. Separate with commas. Example: #spam,badword,entire bad phrase,badUser,anotherBadUser,#badHashTag



This option allows you to reroute all API calls to Twitter via your server. This is to be used ONLY if your server is a white-listed server that has higher connection allowance than each individual user. Each user can make up to 150 Twitter API connections per hour. Each visitor to your site will have their own limit i.e. their own 150. Checking the box will make all visitors to the site use your servers connection limit, not their own limit. If you did not prearranged with Twitter to have that limit increased that means that it will be 150 for ALL visitors – be careful.
When the API connection limit is reached and there is no cached data Tweet Blender can not show new tweets. If you check this box the plugin will show a message to user that will tell them that limit has been reached. In addition, the message will show how soon fresh tweets will be available again. If you do not check the box the message will not be shown – the tweets just will not be refreshed until plugin is able to get fresh data.
Every time Tweet Blender refreshes, it stores data it receives from Twitter into a special cache on your server. Once a user reaches his API connection limit Tweet Blender starts using cached data. Cached data is centralized and is updated by all users so even if one user is at a limit s/he can still get fresh tweets as cache is updated by other users that have not yet reached their limit. If you do not want to cache data (to save bandwidth or for some other reason) then check this box.Important: clears all cached tweets

leave blank = verbose from now (“4 minutes ago”)
h = 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros (“08”)
i = Minutes with leading zeros (“01”)
s = Seconds, with leading zeros (“01”) additional format options »
To get tweets for screen names Tweet Blender relies on Twitter Search API; however, sometimes Twitter’s search does not return any tweets for a particular account due to some complex internal relevancy rules. If you see tweets for a user when looking at{someusername} but you do not see tweets for that same user when you look at{@someusername} you can try to check this box and have Tweet Blender switch to a different API to retrieve recent tweets.Important: screen names with modifiers (e.g. @user|#topic), keywords, and hastagas will still use Search API.



API requests from blog server: Max is 150/hour · You have 150 left · Next reset in 1 hour
checked with IP of your server (
API requests from your computer: Max is 150/hour · You have 35 left · Next resetin 41 minutes
oAuth Access Tokens: Not Needed
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